Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod

February 22nd, 2016


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This Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod was made by an artist who has been working with these materials for 28 years. He began building rods when a good friend gave him an old bamboo rod. He was inspired and energized at the challenge of repairing and customizing it and thus his business began.

Bamboo became available as a rod-making substance in the 1830s. Until that point, the English had been the experts, using lancewood to make huge, less-flexible rods. When the bamboo trade opened up, Americans embraced it as bamboo is extremely strong and so flexible it always springs back to shape, unlike rigid wood rods.

The technology has not changed much in more than a century, but this artist is always thinking of ways to streamline the process and experimenting with new techniques. In a year, he makes about two dozen custom rods. An six-foot, high-quality rod with a spare tip takes about 80 hours depending on the unique touches put into it.

Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod separates into three 38″ long sections for convenient portability.

USA Made.

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